Azienda Visibile was born from the decades of experience gained in the field of Information Technology by some members of the group.

A Web Agency in Rome

The founder, Salvatore Giambrone, driven by the love and passion for this work, laid the foundations for the realization of an IT reality that mainly focused on innovation, continuous training, differentiation of services and products supplied capable of cover the needs of customers at 360 °.

The work group is mainly made up of talents, what is more, a low-cost service that deludes you to give an immediate profit or really make a difference by giving an incisive change in the needs of the customers who rely on us?

The knowledge ranges from systems engineering to programming, from training to marketing, each talent covers a very specific role, we are aware that to really make a difference, each of these points deserves a continuous study in order to offer the most from each single technology.

Nowadays the trend is growing, we boast an increase in projects from year to year, we aim at client’s loyalty, a relationship of mutual trust.

salvatore giambrone ceo di azienda visibile