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Online visibility

Increase online visibility, request on how to index the website.

Having online visibility, the request of those who have understood that the web offers a lot of potential on an entrepreneurial level.

Having online visibility is something hoped for by most entrepreneurs who aim to reach potential customers on the web.

Let’s say immediately that there are no precise rules to follow, that is, the SEO rules must be adapted from case to case.

google trend

The first fundamental step is the market research, visualizing the trend that indicates how many there are and how the target audience we want to analyze is looking for a particular service.

After we have all the analytical data available, we will set up the SEO on the website.

Example: Coronavirus

Let’s say you are an infectologist working at his private facility.

The key word to use at first could be “viral infections” along with similar variants.

The demands of potential customers change over time, events may occur that “attract” the potential customer’s attention to other destinations such as the “coronavirus“.


Having an SEO consultant who can follow you throughout the year is very important in order to be responsive to changes.

As we can see from the image, while the keyword “viral infections” produces up to 1000 potential monthly searches throughout Italy, the keyword “coronavirus” produces about 1 million monthly searches in Italy.

By creating ad-hoc articles that respect certain rules, we increase the reach up to 10 times of potential customers to the site.

Another point but no less important is the speed of page loading, balancing images, using the cache, choosing a performing hosting.

Azienda Visibile is able to provide you in advance and free of charge the statistics of your potential customers in order to plan a strategy that brings the flow of users to your site.

It takes 2 seconds, just contact us.



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